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Ramakrishna Mission, Indore

Places to visit in Indore

Possible travel plans - in one part of the city

Rajwada (Holkar Palace)

Rajwada, also known as the Holkar Palace or Old Palace, is a historical palace located near the Holkar Chhatris in Indore. It was constructed by the Holkars of the Maratha Empire around 200 years ago and is a seven-story structure that serves as an example of royal grandeur and architectural skills. The palace is accessible via the Mahatma Gandhi Road and the Imli Bazaar Road, and rickshaws are the best option if coming from a nearby place. 

    The palace is now a museum and houses a collection of artifacts and paintings that showcase the history of Indore. It is a popular tourist destination and a popular spot for photography. The palace is a blend of Maratha, Mughal, and French styles of architecture and was restored in 2006 by the current royal family of Indore.

Annapurna Temple

The Annapurna Temple, besides being a place for pilgrimages is also a tourist attraction. Dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, the deity of food the temple also houses the shrines of Sivan, Hanuman and Kalabhairava.

The entrance of the temple is adorned with four-life size statues of elephants, and the architectural splendor of the temple makes it a must-visit for all tourists.

Lalbag Palace

Spread over 76 acres of property, the construction of the 45-room palace happened in three phases. It is built in the Italian Renaissance Revival architecture style[1] and once had a 20-acre rose garden, while its main gates are modelled after those at the Buckingham Palace, by Triggs of Calcutta. Panneling, bronze work, decorative plaster, stone work and furniture for the palace were provided by HH Martyn of Cheltenham, England.

Tukojirao Holkar II in 1886, rented property and his grandson, Tukojirao Holkar III in 1926, rented property. After the death of Tukojirao Holkar III in 1978, his third wife, an American, Sharmishtha Devi (formerly Nancy Anne Miller) moved out and subsequently, no rent was paid, much of the first floor was destroyed in a fire. Palace was no longer residence of Holkar Dynasty.

    In the 1980s, the palace fell into disrepair and was prone to theft of its antiques before the state government acquired the property in 1987 for Rs 64.46 lakh. Parmar Rajputs have management of Lalbagh Palace Indore, and repossessed property which is supported by state government.

Bada Ganpati

Bada Ganpati is a very famous temple of Indore. A very nice and a big idol of Lord Ganesh.

Pitra Parvat

Among the most worshipped Hindu deities in India, people believe in the worship of Lord Hanuman the most. There are many renowned temples in our country where the most unique and prestigious sculptures of Lord Hanuman are established. But the most unique one lies in Indore at Pitra Parvat. The sculptures of Lord Hanuman are usually seen in a standing position. But at Pitra Parvat, you will see Lord Hanuman sitting in a meditative state. Worshipping Lord Hanuman in a sitting position is considered very rare and this is the reason most people visit this place. Moreover, there are two deities of Lord Hanuman established on the mountain Pitra Parvat. One is established for tourism and attrition & the other one is where devotees worship Lord Hanuman.

Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday when one can enjoy the light and sound show which starts at 7.30 PM.

Possible travel plans - in another part of the city

Khajrana Ganesh Temple

Citizens of Indore city and other nearby cities have great faith in the Khajrana temple. This temple was made by Ahilyabai Holkar, the brave Maratha queen. This is an important place of Hindus.

Khajrana Ganesha Temple was constructed by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. This temple is one of the famous Hindu temples in India. Mostly wednesday and sunday huge people will come to this temple for offering prayers. As per a local belief, all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled, once they worship in this temple. The main festival of this temple is vinayak chathurthi and was held in grand manner in the month of August and september.

The temple is taken over by the government. The temple is managed by the Bhatt family. It is believed that in order to safe guard the idol from Aurangzeb, the idol was hidden in a well and in 1735, it was taken out from the well and a temple was established in 1735 by Ahilya bai Holkar belonging to the Holkar dynasty of the Maratha Empire.

Chhappan Dukan

Chhappan Dukan (56 Shops) is a food and shopping Street located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is known for its active street food scene and variety of shops, establishing itself as a notable landmark for residents and visitors alike.

Chhappan Dukan accommodates 56 food shops within a distance of approximately 200 meters, situated in the upscale Palasia area of Indore.